Bureau Doove presents: The Move

After three years of quiet development Bureau Doove is ready for a new adventure in Saint-Nazaire, France. Here we want to create new opportunities for artists and scientists by developing a micro residency in homely surroundings and international exchange program from end of 2017, beginning 2018 onwards. Home to Tati’s Mr Hulot, Saint-Nazaire is an important art and culture hub around art centers like LiFE and Grand Café, but also the University. With some contacts already in place Bureau Doove intends to connect to this exciting place that is full of potential. Close to Nantes with its own vivid art scene we will work around places like Lieu UniqueHangar à Bananes Galerie and Voyage à Nantes. Find more information on the attraction of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire here.

Your funds will help us make the move, set up the micro residency, and support the start-up and daily working of Bureau Doove in Saint-Nazaire. We will be initiating international projects for like-minded artists and scientists. The starting points for these projects are small, slow and precise, making sure the projects are well developed and responds to the needs of all involved. The residencies are built on the basis of conversation and collaboration where a slow, in-depth approach is again crucial. These will result in an online or physical presentations of art and text. The focus is on process and research to which we add a sense of playfulness and inventiveness. The residencies for one or two persons at the time offer the expertise of Edith Doove and a network of contacts in Saint-Nazaire and Nantes, but also wider afield.

Tati is our hero – our move to Saint-Nazaire is for a reason! (See Mr. Hulot’s artful take on tennis here)

Please find our Crowdfunder campaign HERE


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