Currer Bell College

Currer Bell College is a collaboration between Transtechnology Research, University of Plymouth (whose director is professor Dr. Michael Punt), represented by Dr. Edith Doove, researcher in the science and theory of art, and the Cabinet des Écarts Singuliers, of the ESDAHaR Rouen Le Havre represented by Dr. Jean-Louis Vincendeau, research professor in the theory of art (whose director general is Mr. Thierry Heynen).


The objective of this reactivation of the Currer Bell College is to consolidate the common points of the themes of these two laboratories and to validate the research and achievements in the form of texts, images, and exhibitions. Our main method of research finds itself between fiction and reality, with a slight preference for fiction.

Away from the mainstream, an authentic art is aimed at, a reflection, a real approach to cause a shift, a behaviour towards a new emotion, a breaking up of current forms in art.

We will publish at irregular moments images and texts and will keep you informed about further developments.


Image: Racines, Jean-Louis Vincendeau, 2019

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