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Dominique Leroy in “3 Collectioneurs #9”

This Saturday 26 March at 4pm opens the show “3 Collectioneurs #9”

For this 9th edition of the 3 Collectors, Été 78 has invited Diane & Baudouin Delvaulx, Belgian collectors, and Pascal Joseph, French collector, to present some works from their collections. As last year, they invited themselves as the 3rd collector.

This will be an opportunity to discover works by Brognon Rollin, Aleksandra Chaushova, Claude Closky, Natalie Czech, Cyprien Gaillard, Marine Hugonnier, Sven’t Jolle, Olga Kisseleva, Kolkoz, Laura Lamiel, Caroline Le Méhauté, Dominique Leroy, Adrian Melis, Anne Neukamp and Katie Paterson.

And this year, the garden will also be part of the show with a beautiful sound work. The collectors and several artists will be present at the opening.

Dominique Leroy

Practical information:

  • Opening (without appointment): Saturday 26/03 from 4pm to 8pm;
  • Exhibition from 27/3 to 15/5.
  • Open without appointment:
    • Saturdays 16/04 and 23/04: 2pm –> 6pm;
    • Saturday 30/04: 9.30 am –> 5pm (during Art Brussels);
    • Saturdays 7/5 and 14/5: 2pm –> 6pm.
  • attention: closed on Saturday 2/4 and 9/4;
  • visit by appointment for groups.

Rue de l’Eté 78
1050 Brussels

Sven’t Jolle, Trickle down (study for bird of fiscal paradise), 2021.

Pour cette 9è édition des 3 Collectionneurs, Été 78 a invité Diane & Baudouin Delvaulx, collectionneurs belges, et Pascal Joseph, collectionneur français, à présenter quelques oeuvres de leurs collections. Comme l’année passée, Été 78 se sont invités comme 3è collectionneur.

L’occasion de découvrir des oeuvres peu ou jamais vues de Brognon Rollin, Aleksandra Chaushova, Claude Closky, Natalie Czech, Cyprien Gaillard, Marine Hugonnier, Sven’t Jolle, Olga Kisseleva, Kolkoz, Laura Lamiel, Caroline Le Méhauté, Dominique Leroy, Adrian Melis, Anne Neukamp et Katie Paterson.

Et cette année, le jardin sera également de la partie accueillant une belle oeuvre sonore. Les collectionneurs et plusieurs artistes seront présents à l’occasion du vernissage.

Informations pratiques:
– Vernissage (sans rdv): samedi 26/03 de 16h à 20h;
– Exposition du 27/3 au 15/5.
– Ouvert sans rdv:
     – samedis 16/04 et 23/04: 14h –> 18h;
     – samedi 30/04: 9h30 –> 17h (pendant Art Brussels);
     – samedis 7/5 et 14/5: 14h –> 18h.
– attention: fermé les samedis 2/4 et 9/4;
– visite sur rdv pour des groupes constitués.

Rue de l’Eté 78
1050 Bruxelles

Open call – Watou Arts Festival 2023

As member of the jury of the project Patchwork for Watou Arts Festival 2023, I am pleased to share this open call for participants.

The project Patchwork runs parallel with the Watou Arts Festival in Poperinge, Belgium. It’s an open call for professional artists and final year bachelor or master students in an art program. Curator Koen Vanmechelen and the city of Poperinge invite you to spend a number of days in Watou during the summer of 2022. The number of participants in this project will be limited to a maximum of twenty per research period. Registration is required. A jury will select the participants, based on the motivation, CV and portfolio.

Patchwork started in 2021 as an open invitation, a research project, a laboratory. After 40 editions of Watou Arts Festival, the times have changed. What should Watou’s role in the future be? And what, specifically, does this mean? In words, images and sounds. Can we transform the concept of Watou? Together with Koen Vanmechelen, artists from different disciplines travelled to the village at the French border’ to reflect on these questions. The result can be seen at Watou 2022, an edition supported by artists and residents, one community for one summer. Patchwork will continue in the summer of 2022 as an invitation to each artist to participate in Watou 2023 from their own perspective on the village.

With Patchwork we are exploring with artist Koen Vanmechelen how Watou as a village and as a community can connect with the artists and vice versa. Interested artists can register through an open call to participate in this project and apply for Watou Arts Festival 2023. Registration is open now and will run until 25 April 2022.

Find more info about regulations, research periods and the link to register here.

LASER Talks Brussels – Learning Through Sound

The fifth edition of LASER Talks Brussels took place on Tuesday 29 March at 7pm CET at iMAL – Center for Digital Cultures in Brussels with panelists Aernoudt JACOBS, Katrien KOLENBERG and Mathieu ZUSTRASSEN.

You can watch the talk here.

LASER Talks Brussels are chaired by Alexandra Dementieva, moderated by Edith Doove and hosted by iMAL.

Sound helps us interact with the world and with each other, sonification gives a great possibility to present and analyse data. Space around us is filled with humming, murmuring, reverberating, carrying information. Sound waves can be a means of diagnosing health conditions and of monitoring the faraway space. Frequencies beyond human hearing can wake dormant instruments measuring volcanoes activity. Sound can be almost a physical instrument. Astrophysicists refer to sonification of light/brightness variations to reconstruct stellar compositions and structure. Scientists and artists are exploring and probing the world by listening.

Aernoudt Jacobs, Heliophone, 2015

Aernoudt JACOBS is a Belgian artist working primarily with the medium of sound. His work is both phenomenological and empirical. It has its origins in acoustic and technological research and investigates how sounds can trigger sonic processes that will affect the observer’s scope of perception.

His work focuses on a central question: how can the complexity, richness and stratification of our direct, daily environment be translated into something that can really be experienced. His work has been exhibited widely in Belgium and abroad.

In addition to his artistic practice Jacobs co-directs with Christoph De Boeck Overtoon, a platform and production facility for sound art based in the centre of Brussels.

Katrien KOLENBERG is an astronomer (astrophysics), STE(A)M coordinator and manager of ESERO-Belgium (European Space Education Resource Office) coordinator at the KULeuven. She is professor of astrophysics at the University of Antwerp and the VUB.

After obtaining her PhD in astrophysics at KULeuven in 2002, she did research at the University of Vienna and at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. At each of these stops, art always featured alongside astronomy.

Her scientific research is situated in the field of stellar astrophysics, in particular variable stars and asteroseismology (the physics of vibrating stars).

She’s passionate about science and art, astronomy for development, and innovative/artistic science communication and education worldwide. In this context, she long ago made the bridge from the data of vibrating stars to the sound that can be associated with them, and discovered the (persuasive) power of multisensory data exploration. Her collaboration with Wanda Diaz Merced, who uses and studies sonification, inspired her to start “fine-tuning” sonification techniques for pulsating stars. While star sounds have often been used for science communication, the power of the sonification method for data analysis within asteroseismology (and by extension other fields) has never been thoroughly investigated. The AstroSounds collaboration allows this to be investigated on a larger scale, by letting the public listen to stars!

Matheur Zurstrassen, KEOEEIT, 2019

Mathieu ZURSTRASSEN is a trained architect who since 2013 embraces the path of visual arts. In designing objects, he moves away from the projection of the drawing and focuses on the experimentation of construction. He gives added value to his work, symbolic and philosophical, on the quality of the invisible and the relationships thus created between the sender and receiver. He uses the codes of craftsmanship to solve aesthetical issues often at the borders of the unspeakable. Highly technical, Mathieu Zurstrassen combines the ambiguity of materials, a poetic thought made of humour and delicacy.

He has since exhibited in various events, galleries and festivals such as the KIKK Festival or Ars Electronica or Venice Biennale.

LASER Talks Brussels 5 – Tuesday 29 March at 7pm

Reservation is free but required via this link.

iMAL, Quai des Charbonnages/Koolmijnenkaai 30, 1080 Brussels

The Leonardo/ISAST LASERs are a program of international gatherings that bring artists, scientists, humanists and technologists together for informal presentations, performances and conversations with the wider public. The mission of the LASERs is to encourage contribution to the cultural environment of a region by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building to over 40 cities around the world. To learn more about how our LASER Hosts and to visit a LASER near you please visit our website. @lasertalks

Sara Bomans solo

Spring coincides this year with a long awaited eclectic overview of work by Sara Bomans at Gallery Pinsart, Bruges.

Bomans’ work is explicitly divers, whether in subject matter, material, style or format. She typically executes her work in ongoing series that she publishes in albums on her facebook page: from the series of written and drawn Secret Thoughts, the series of drawings using human hair I Used To Be Sexy, or the wildly flexible pink puppets that are often mounted against a deep blue background of the series Busy Being Born. In the series I Do Not she experiments with colour and texts on small objects and paintings while in the series of maquettes Memories of Houses she imagines the inside of houses she has never visited. In all of them she gleefully plays the role of an outsider and sharp observer, whether of her own body, her immediate environment or the art world.

Conversation for the Empirical Nonsense Project, 2021

20 March – 1 May 2022

Opening Sunday 20 March at 3pm

Gallery Pinsart Genthof 21 8000 Bruges

Fri-Sat-Sun 2-6pm

Benoît Géhanne – Où arts et architectures entrent en dialogue

This Saturday Benoît Géhanne takes part in the group show Où arts et architectures entrent en dialogue (Where art and architecture enter into dialogue) at Progress Gallery in Paris.

The gallery, that was initiated by Anne-Françoise Jumeau of Anne-Françoise JUMEAU ARCHITECTES / AFJA, presents on this occasion, the 3rd opus of the series of books about the agency’s work. After Matières, then Maquettes, it’s now about Arts with the work of de Margaret Dearing, Oscar Malessène, Gilles Elie, Guillaume Mary, Benoît Gehanne, Vanessa Fanuele and Antoine Carbonne. 

Géhanne, who’s work effectively has a strong relation with architecture, will show amongst others Retenue #19, oil painting on aluminium (2021, 100x 80 cm, pictured).

Où arts et architectures entrent en dialogue – 12.03.2022 – 26-03-2022

Opening Saturday 12 March 3-9pm

Progress Gallery

Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3pm to 7pm
as well as by appointment for other days and times
4 bis passage de la Fonderie 75011 Paris – France
Access to the passage :

at 72, rue JP Timbaud :
press the “P” button
at 119, rue Saint-Maur :
press the “door” digital button

Archive – (They Say This Is The) Place, Antwerp, 2001

From 15 September to 2 December 2001, during equally disturbing times as we are experiencing right now, I organized the group exhibition (They Say This Is The) Place – A positioning in two locations in Antwerp: the Koningin Fabiolazaal (Queen Fabiola Hall) and the nearby, newly renovated Sint Jansplein (Saint Johns Square). The first part of the title referred to a work by Peter Hulsmans, while the subtitle (‘plaatsbepaling’ in Dutch) and the concept played with all kinds of connotations of ‘place’ which in Dutch can also refer to a square (plaats, plein). Other artists besides Hulsmans were Cel Crabeels, Anne Daems, Manon De Boer, Jan Kempenaers, Marie-France & Patricia Martin, Els Opsomer, Lucy + Jorge Orta, and Ilona Ruegg,.

Please note that this post is currently under construction. A detailed description of the artist’s contributions and a translation of the catalogue text will be added soon.

Cel Crabeels, Outplacement, 2001

video information

Anne Daems, Without title, 2000

Manon De Boer, Shift of Attention, 1999

Peter Hulsmans, Parallel Circuit, 2000-2001

Jan Kempenaers, Antwerp #1, #2, #3, 2001

Marie-France & Patricia Martin, An Unmade Sculpture, 2001

Performance around Dan Graham’s pavilion on the Sint Jans Square which is nowadays moved to the Middelheim Sculpture Museum.

Article Véronique Depiesse, Transcender, disent ces magiciennes

Els Opsomer, in-between shifting, 2001

Lucy + Jorge Orta organized 70 X 7 THE MEAL ACT XI, accompanied by a specially designed and produced Limoges plate.

Talking with AnneMarie Maes about her project The Bee Laboratory on *DUUURadio

This evening French *DUUURadio airs the interview I had with AnneMarie Maes last Friday on her Bee Laboratory Project, produced by the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles in Paris in the context of their Biennale Nova XX. We discuss amongst others how she came to work with bees, how this led to working with bacteria and algae and above all what sounds the bees make, what they are telling us and how she uses their sounds in various compositions.

Listen to the emission with the bees playing a kind of ping pong with each other via this link (in French).

Plus read the interview with AnneMarie Maes on bees and bacteria in art making on Ki Culture (in English).

Ce soir, la chaîne française *DUUURadio diffuse l’entretien que j’ai eu avec AnneMarie Maes vendredi dernier sur son projet The Bee Laboratory produit par le Centre Wallonie Bruxelles à Paris dans le cadre de leur Biennale Nova XX. Nous discutons entre autres de la façon dont elle en est venue à travailler avec des abeilles, comment cela l’a amenée à travailler avec des bactéries et des algues et surtout des sons que font les abeilles, de ce qu’elles nous disent et de la façon dont elle utilise leurs sons dans diverses compositions.

Écoutez l’émission avec les abeilles qui jouent une sorte de ping-pong entre elles via ce lien (en français).

Lisez également l’entretien d’AnneMarie Maes sur les abeilles et les bactéries dans la création artistique sur Ki Culture (en anglais).

Featured image AnneMarie Maes, Field recordings


Bureau Doove wishes you a healthy and happy 2022 !

It’s always good at the end of a year to reflect on what’s been achieved before launching into a new year. Despite difficult circumstances we managed to organize two group exhibitions: Troupe/troep at ChezKit, Pantin (29-31 January) and BOLERO at Centre André Malraux, Grand Mare and the rue des Bons Enfants, Rouen (20 March – 10 April). We continued to participate in the online project Empirical Nonsense Daily initiated by Jimi Dams, New York that started 1 August 2020 and ran until the end of July 2021. And we organized for the first time four LaserTalks Brussels in collaboration with Alexandra Dementieva. (For information on these projects follow the links in bold).

For 2022 and later we are currently preparing several exciting international projects about which we will inform you as usual during the year. This includes another series of LaserTalks Brussels in collaboration with iMAL – Art Centre for Digital Cultures & Technology in Brussels as well as some exhibition projects.

We also continue to collaborate on and off with our affiliated artists, amongst others with Jean-Louis Vincendeau who’s also the co-ordinator of the Currer Bell Residencies in Saint-Nazaire. We present here a collection of his latest works, small, ephemeral assemblages that he regularly publishes on his facebook page and that made author Anna Ayanoglou comment on the fact that they hold something very tenuous and moving. Enjoy and hope to see you in the new year!

Le Bureau Doove vous souhaite une année 2022 pleine de santé et de bonheur !

Il est toujours bon à la fin d’une année de réfléchir à ce qui a été réalisé avant de se lancer dans une nouvelle année. Malgré des circonstances difficiles, nous avons réussi à organiser deux expositions collectives : Troupe/troep chez ChezKit, Pantin (29-31 janvier) et BOLERO au Centre André Malraux, Grand Mare et rue des Bons Enfants, Rouen (20 mars – 10 avril). Nous avons continué à participer au projet en ligne Empirical Nonsense Daily initié par Jimi Dams, New York qui a débuté le 1er août 2020 et s’est poursuivi jusqu’à la fin juillet 2021. Et nous avons organisé pour la première fois quatre LaserTalks Brussels en collaboration avec Alexandra Dementieva. (Pour plus d’informations sur ces projets, suivez les liens en gras).

Pour 2022 et plus tard, nous préparons actuellement plusieurs projets internationaux passionnants dont nous vous informerons comme d’habitude au cours de l’année. Il s’agit notamment d’une autre série de LaserTalks Bruxelles en collaboration avec iMAL – Centre d’art pour les cultures numériques & technologie à Bruxelles ainsi que certains projets d’exposition.

Nous continuons également à collaborer de manière ponctuelle avec nos artistes affiliés, entre autres avec Jean-Louis Vincendeau qui est également le coordinateur des Résidences Currer Bell à Saint-Nazaire. Nous vous présentons ici une collection de ses dernières œuvres, de petits assemblages éphémères qu’il publie régulièrement sur sa page facebook et qui ont fait dire à l’auteure Anna Ayanoglou qu’ils renferment quelque chose de très ténu et de très émouvant. Bonne lecture et à bientôt pour la nouvelle année !

Images – Jean-Lous Vincendeau – Ovale, Arbre couché, Bel oiseau, Bras de cerf, Chambre, Gustibus, L’autre roux, Murmure, Pointe rouge, Sans fumée – 2021

Alexandra Dementieva in COSMOS and CHAOS at National Arts Club, New York

The “Cosmos and Chaos” project at the National Art Club in New York is the latest in a series of exhibitions organized as part of the CYFEST-13 International Media Art Festival. This exhibition brings together artists working in different media including painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, video, new media and interactive installations. They all share an interest in the proposed topic, which evokes a wide range of responses to space exploration, climate change, the contemporary cultural and historical context and the social environment.

The CYFEST International Media Art Festival was held in New York and St. Petersburg in 2020-2021. The projects of the 13th CYFEST brought together more than one hundred artists, curators, art critics, scientists, musicians, composers, collectors, specialists on the history of the Russian avant-garde, and lecturers from the world’s leading universities. The transdisciplinary community of festival participants explored the “cosmos and chaos” arising at the intersection of science and art, to understand what these broad philosophical notions mean to us today and how they can be used as a topic and system of aesthetic perception.

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA presents her series RE-lighting that consists of five light maps of the cities of Brussels, Gwangju, Maranola, Mexico City and New York made of recycled LED’s. The starting point for this series is the fact that at about 300 km above the Earth (the orbital altitude of the International Space Station), the planet’s surface shows the continents during the day and the cities’ lights during the night. From a further distance, the Earth gives the impression of a lonely and fragile place of life which triggers the “overview effect” in the consciousness of astronauts. National borders disappear from space, conflicts dividing people become less important, “and the need to create a planetary society with a united will to protect this “pale blue dot” becomes obvious and urgent. – (Wikipedia)”. Recycling industrial products into elementary material is one of the ways to protect the environment.

Alexandra Dementieva, ‘Brussels’ from the series RE-lighting, 2021, 100×61 cm, collage of recycled LEDs

COSMOS and CHAOS opens tonight, 14 December 2021, at

National Arts Club

15 Gramercy Park South,

New York City, USA

The show runs until 6 January 2022 and is open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Find more info here.

Featured image:

Alexandra Dementieva, ‘New York’ from the series RE-lighting, 2021, 100×61 cm, collage of recycled LEDs

LASER Talks Brussels – Out-of-control-ness and the emergence of possibilities

The fourth edition of LASER Talks Brussels will take place on Tuesday 7 December at 7pm CET at iMAL – Center for Digital Cultures in Brussels with panelists Francis Brazier, Joost Rekveld and Frank Theys.

The recorded talk is available here.

LASER Talks Brussels are chaired by Alexandra Dementieva, moderated by Edith Doove and hosted by iMAL.

This talk discusses notions of out-of-control ness in a social and technical context that are at the core of the work of the three panelists: Prof. Dr. Frances BRAZIER who is a full professor in Engineering Systems Foundations at the Delft University of Technology and visual artists Joost REKVELD and Frank THEYS.Brazier approaches the subject through her research into social systems and connects out-of-control-ness with the notion of emergence and new possibilities, the empowerment of people in change management. For Rekveld the notion of out-of-control-ness is related to his research into analog computing, its history and culture, pushing the limits of its affordance. For Theys it’s related to the current state of affairs of the world and global warming which is the subject of his latest interactive multimedia installation ‘Chronicle of an Extinction Foretold’.

Featured image: Joost REKVELD, Film still.

Frank THEYS, COAEF,  09.2022

Frances BRAZIER is a full professor in Engineering Systems Foundations at the Delft University of Technology, as of September 2009, before which she chaired the Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems Group for 10 years within the Department of Computer Science at the VU University Amsterdam. She holds a MSc in Mathematics and a doctorate in Cognitive Ergonomics from the VU Amsterdam. Parallel to her academic career she co-founded the first ISP in the Netherlands: NLnet and later NLnet Labs. 

With a strong background in the design of  human computer interaction, multi-agents systems, and distributed systems, current research focuses on the design of socio-technical ecological systems that enable and support participation in today’s networked society: participatory systems!  The leading design principles include design for trust, design for empowerment and design for engagement. Areas of study and exploration include distributed energy management,  crisis management, dynamic supply chain management,  real-time safety management.

Joost REKVELD is an artist motivated by the question of what we can learn from a dialogue with machines. In his work, he explores the sensory consequences of systems of his own design, often inspired by forgotten corners in the history of science and technology. His films, installations and performances are composed documentaries of the worlds opened by such systems. His abstract films have been shown world-wide in a wide range of festivals and venues for experimental film, animation or other kinds of moving image. He has realized several installations and was involved in many collaborative projects involving composers, music ensembles, theatre companies, dance companies and artist’s labs. Since February 2017, he’s affiliated to the School of Arts, University College Ghent as an artistic researcher.

Frank Theys is a filmmaker and visual artist. His work is always accompanied by a thorough investigation in domains where social and technological factors become intertwined, which in turn influences the form of the work and the media used. His experimental films, performances, documentaries and new media installations were internationally awarded and acquired for the collections of a.o. SMAK (Ghent), the Museum for the Moving Image (New York) and the Centre National de la Cinématographie (Paris).

Frank Theys has taught at the film and the visual arts departments of LUCA Ghent and Brussels, at DAS Theater, Amsterdam (Masters degree performing arts), at the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Academy in The Hague and has been a visiting teacher and lecturer at universities, film, art and theatre schools worldwide. He currently is a researcher at the University of Louvain and teaches video and performance at the Open Lab in PXL-MAD (Hasselt, Belgium), where he founded DigiMAD, a platform for art & science collaborations.

In collaboration with CYLAND.