Minor Disturbances Comet 21/Borisov 8th December 2019


Inspired by Charles Ives vision of spatially distributed creativity in his unfinished Universe SymphonyThe Faculty of Minor Disturbances (FMD)[1] sent out an invitation to create a minor disturbance as we corralled the forces of the universe together with 2I/Borisov, an interstellar comet which visited the solar system.

See for more details http://www.trans-techresearch.net/currer-bell-college-and-faculty-of-minor-disturbances/

We received the following responses, displayed in alphabetical order.

[1] FMD is part of Currer Bell College (CBC) at ESADHaR Le Havre/Rouen, partner of Transtechnology Research (TTR) at Plymouth, and Seiza at Lisbon.

Rita Cachão

Henry Collins


Edith Doove


Observation of the Seine at Rouen with James Cook

Bruno Duarte

text – Bruno Duarte is The Man

Margarete Jahrmann


Kruno Jošt

Minor Disturbance Rasoja Lovinac Croatia-1

Jason Karaindros

text Jason Karaindros


Robert Maddox-Harle

Minor Disturbance Chart

Ollivier Moreels & Jean-Louis Vincendeau

text – chamane cueilleur

Sana Murrani


Guiherme Pontes

Essay on the Communication in the World as Will and Representation through Art

Michael Punt


Aparna Sharma


Paul Towey

paul Towey jpeg

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