Projet Malraux

The Projet Malraux is an art initiative that resulted from the theory of art course dedicated to the Artist as Curator and Participative Art, taught by me at ESADHaR Rouen for the 4th year MA, 2019/20.

logo Projet Malraux

Logo Projet Malraux by Emma Genty

Inspired by various participative art projects by international artists such as those by Dora Garcia, Thomas Hirschhorn, Melanie Manchot, Ernesto Neto, Lucy + Jorge Orta, or Jeanne Van Heeswijk, the students developed several participative projects as a reflection on the course to be shown at the Centre André Malraux, Rouen. Faced by the Covid-19 virus in spring 2020 we however had to adapt the live project to an online version. The participants therefore rethought their initial proposals which can be visited on this site.

We are happy to announce that the actual exhibition will take place in Spring 2021.

Initially developed for the neighbourhood of La Grand Mare in Rouen where both the Centre Malraux and ESADHaR are located, we decided to open up the project to a wider audience. You can respond to any of the projects and if appropriate your response will be added to the website.

The artists participating in this project are

Yu-Chung Ding
Emma Genty
Margot Leclerc
Raquel Mayorga Larin
Lauralie Naumann
Lucie Pamart
Gabriella Viana

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