Tom Sagit

“Dulamek, Mental Card (Half Made)” &
“Dulamek, mental card (Made very fast)”
3D printing.

A campus is a place of living, a place of travel: we walk through its corridors, its stairs, we pass its doors, we walk on its lawn. Each has a different mental map of this daily place, a different story with these walls.

What if, for once, it was a 3D printer trying to go through that plan? What campus would she imagine?


“The Ascension”
Glitched picture.

Glitch-art is the use or search for visual bugs for their aesthetic appearance. By using software that is not suitable for image editing or by coming to remove information from the file, the glitch reveals the material of our images: the pixels and the algorithms that form them.

The doors open.
What’s behind it?

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