Point of Interest

The exhibition Point of Interest, organsied by Agathe Schneider on invitation by Tristan Abarnou, was meant to last ten days, but due to the current crisis it had to close almost immediately after the opening on Wednesday 11 March. Now it miraculously resurfaces in a digital form where it can last a lot longer.

Floor plan

Eight artists, current and former students of ESADHaR, developed this exhibition for the Lavoisier building of the university campus of Mont-Saint-Aignan, Rouen. The result was an ephemeral take on a very specific space with a lot of passage and a particular architecture. Suffering from degradations such as water leaks, as well as wear on walls and floors, these became points of reflection, or points of interest.

The exhibition is the result of the wish to create a lasting link between the University of Rouen-Normandie and ESADHaR, a persistent relation between the master students of Cultural Projects Management and the Student Office of ESADHaR.

The artists included are Joseph Baudart, Emma Genty, Fleur Leclère, Si Liu, Thomas Maestro, David Mendy, Tom Sagit and Agathe Schneider. You can find their contribution by clicking on their names which will lead you to their own page.

The original floor plan and key to the works can be found above and below.



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