Creative Consultancy

Bureau Doove is a creative consultancy that is build on the pillars of curating, writing and research. Its basic starting point is achieving the best quality of collaboration between the human and nonhuman, in all aspects of life, using chaos as a source for inspiration.

Bureau Doove ofBureau Doovefers PR, consultancy, mentoring, copywriting, production, curatorial and research services.

These can include:

– Consultancy and mentoring for projects’ or artists’ development

– Concept development for exhibitions, artist selection and management

– Project curation, creative direction, management, documentation and promotion

– Artist and project research

– Bid and application writing in Dutch and English

– Copywriting of press releases, exhibition and catalogue texts, artists’ statements in Dutch and English

– Translation of texts related to art, architecture and culture in general in the language pairs Dutch-English; French-Dutch; French-English; German-Dutch; German-English

– Workshops and lectures

Please make use of the contact form for more info and/or a quote.

Image: Edith Doove, Desk, 2014




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