Dominique Leroy in “3 Collectioneurs #9”

This Saturday 26 March at 4pm opens the show “3 Collectioneurs #9” For this 9th edition of the 3 Collectors, Été 78 has invited Diane & Baudouin Delvaulx, Belgian collectors, and Pascal Joseph, French collector, to present some works from their collections. As last year, they invited themselves as the 3rd collector. This will be an opportunity to discover works by Brognon Rollin, Aleksandra Chaushova, Claude Closky, Natalie Czech, Cyprien Gaillard, Marine Hugonnier, Sven’t Jolle, Olga Kisseleva, Kolkoz, Laura Lamiel, Caroline Le Méhauté, Dominique Leroy, Adrian Melis, Anne Neukamp and Katie Paterson…. Read More

Open call – Watou Arts Festival 2023

As member of the jury of the project Patchwork for Watou Arts Festival 2023, I am pleased to share this open call for participants. The project Patchwork runs parallel with the Watou Arts Festival in Poperinge, Belgium. It’s an open call for professional artists and final year bachelor or master students in an art program. Curator Koen Vanmechelen and the city of Poperinge invite you to spend a number of days in Watou during the summer of 2022. The number of participants in this project will be limited to a maximum of… Read More

LASER Talks Brussels – Learning Through Sound

The fifth edition of LASER Talks Brussels took place on Tuesday 29 March at 7pm CET at iMAL – Center for Digital Cultures in Brussels with panelists Aernoudt JACOBS, Katrien KOLENBERG and Mathieu ZUSTRASSEN. You can watch the talk here. LASER Talks Brussels are chaired by Alexandra Dementieva, moderated by Edith Doove and hosted by iMAL. Sound helps us interact with the world and with each other, sonification gives a great possibility to present and analyse data. Space around us is filled with humming, murmuring, reverberating, carrying information. Sound waves can be a means of diagnosing health conditions and of… Read More

Sara Bomans solo

Spring coincides this year with a long awaited eclectic overview of work by Sara Bomans at Gallery Pinsart, Bruges. Bomans’ work is explicitly divers, whether in subject matter, material, style or format. She typically executes her work in ongoing series that she publishes in albums on her facebook page: from the series of written and drawn Secret Thoughts, the series of drawings using human hair I Used To Be Sexy, or the wildly flexible pink puppets that are often mounted against a deep blue background of the series Busy Being Born. In… Read More

Benoît Géhanne – Où arts et architectures entrent en dialogue

This Saturday Benoît Géhanne takes part in the group show Où arts et architectures entrent en dialogue (Where art and architecture enter into dialogue) at Progress Gallery in Paris. The gallery, that was initiated by Anne-Françoise Jumeau of Anne-Françoise JUMEAU ARCHITECTES / AFJA, presents on this occasion, the 3rd opus of the series of books about the agency’s work. After Matières, then Maquettes, it’s now about Arts with the work of de Margaret Dearing, Oscar Malessène, Gilles Elie, Guillaume Mary, Benoît Gehanne, Vanessa Fanuele and Antoine Carbonne.  Géhanne, who’s work effectively has… Read More

Archive – (They Say This Is The) Place, Antwerp, 2001

From 15 September to 2 December 2001, during equally disturbing times as we are experiencing right now, I organized the group exhibition (They Say This Is The) Place – A positioning in two locations in Antwerp: the Koningin Fabiolazaal (Queen Fabiola Hall) and the nearby, newly renovated Sint Jansplein (Saint Johns Square). The first part of the title referred to a work by Peter Hulsmans, while the subtitle (‘plaatsbepaling’ in Dutch) and the concept played with all kinds of connotations of ‘place’ which in Dutch can also refer to a square (plaats,… Read More

Talking with AnneMarie Maes about her project The Bee Laboratory on *DUUURadio

This evening French *DUUURadio airs the interview I had with AnneMarie Maes last Friday on her Bee Laboratory Project, produced by the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles in Paris in the context of their Biennale Nova XX. We discuss amongst others how she came to work with bees, how this led to working with bacteria and algae and above all what sounds the bees make, what they are telling us and how she uses their sounds in various compositions. Listen to the emission with the bees playing a kind of ping pong with each… Read More


Bureau Doove wishes you a healthy and happy 2022 ! It’s always good at the end of a year to reflect on what’s been achieved before launching into a new year. Despite difficult circumstances we managed to organize two group exhibitions: Troupe/troep at ChezKit, Pantin (29-31 January) and BOLERO at Centre André Malraux, Grand Mare and the rue des Bons Enfants, Rouen (20 March – 10 April). We continued to participate in the online project Empirical Nonsense Daily initiated by Jimi Dams, New York that started 1 August 2020 and ran until the… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in COSMOS and CHAOS at National Arts Club, New York

The “Cosmos and Chaos” project at the National Art Club in New York is the latest in a series of exhibitions organized as part of the CYFEST-13 International Media Art Festival. This exhibition brings together artists working in different media including painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, video, new media and interactive installations. They all share an interest in the proposed topic, which evokes a wide range of responses to space exploration, climate change, the contemporary cultural and historical context and the social environment. The CYFEST International Media Art Festival was held in… Read More

LASER Talks Brussels – Out-of-control-ness and the emergence of possibilities

The fourth edition of LASER Talks Brussels will take place on Tuesday 7 December at 7pm CET at iMAL – Center for Digital Cultures in Brussels with panelists Francis Brazier, Joost Rekveld and Frank Theys. The recorded talk is available here. LASER Talks Brussels are chaired by Alexandra Dementieva, moderated by Edith Doove and hosted by iMAL. This talk discusses notions of out-of-control ness in a social and technical context that are at the core of the work of the three panelists: Prof. Dr. Frances BRAZIER who is a full professor in Engineering Systems Foundations at the Delft University… Read More