LASER Talks Brussel – Annemarie Maes and Camilla Colombo

Alexandra Dementieva has asked me to join her in organizing Laser Talks Brussel. We will be organizing four talks this year, starting with Annemarie Maes on the occasion of her exhibition SENSORIAL SKINS – WOVEN BY NATURE. This is shown in 2 parts at PILAR, House for Art and Science – Brussels 8 – 23 April 2021 and at iMAL, Art Center for Digital Culture and Technology – Brussels 29 April – 16 May 2021 with Camilla Colombo as curator. Find more information and the link to register here. CHAIRED BY: Alexandra Dementieva When: 20th… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in LASER Talk on Cosmos and Chaos

Join an online conversation of the contributors of February’s upcoming special English-Russian special issue of Leonardo journal, “COSMOS and CHAOS,” created in collaboration with CYFEST international media art festival. Alexandra Dementieva will be one of the participants. This conversation will bring together artists, scientists, researchers and art historians from art institutions, associations, museums and universities across the world: IAA SETI Permanent Committee, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Arizona State University School of Earth and Space, Concordia University, CYLAND MediaArtLab, Kolodzei Art Foundation, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg State University,… Read More