Jean-Louis Vincendeau – Three houses

During the upcoming weeks Bureau Doove will regularly publish the poetic images and thoughts of Jean-Louis Vincendeau. Three houses And what do these three little white houses do on a red branch or on the side of a hill? They are joined and clenched against each other; houses of very thin expectations oriented towards the light as far as they can. Maybe a few carefree paper mice dance in the three attics? Below, white bouquets on the tables enlighten the discreet embrasures. Fragile image in view of the violence of this world,… Read More

Currer Bell College anniversary

Jean-Louis Vincendeau – Laboratoire hors les murs au palais de Tokyo le 3 mars 2020 Exactly one year ago Jean-Louis Vincendeau and Edith Doove revived the Currer Bell College during a meeting in Saint-Nazaire. To celebrate this memorable fact, we offer you a series of photographical poetic interpretations made during a recent visit with MA students of ESADHaR to the exhibition ‘Notre monde brûle’ at the Palais de Tokyo. Quite accidently, but also quite apt, this anniversary coincides with International Women’s Day. Jean-Louis Vincendeau – Venue de la lune glacée Sur la… Read More

Le film sans fin – performance lecture

To start the new year off first of all a Very Happy, Prosperous, Joyful, Exciting, and why not, Funny 2020. Humour and going with the flow seem to be the only possible attitude to have in view of the ongoing strikes here in France that so far have made any travel completely impossible for yours truly. 2020 announces itself thus slowly and as a year of reflection which is exactly the way Bureau Doove will take in the upcoming time, with more attention for (personal) research and slow development projects. To start… Read More

Le film sans fin – La pierre percée

  This summer we filmed the episode ‘La pierre percée’ as part of the ongoing project Le film sans fin by Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau and under the heading of AATP (Agence Artistique de Traduction Poétique) near Saint-Nazaire. For this collaboration Sara Bomans wrote a text and made a series of drawings that were integrated in the film. Jean-Louis Vincendeau wrote an accompanying text which you can find in the French version below the film and of which an English translation is soon to follow. Also see the website of Ollivier Moreels… Read More

Bureau Doove has moved…

Since 4 September Bureau Doove has moved to Rouen, France to concentrate on new exciting perspectives about which more later. In the meantime Jean-Louis Vincendeau was inspired by the move to create a short illustrated text which you can find both in the original French version as the translated one below. To be continued. Le bureau est vide, l’occupant était une occupante : on dirait bien qu’elle est partie précipitamment. Frémissement de lumière sur la pointe des pieds. Un sinologue de passage révèle la calligraphie du papier peint en équations divinatoires qui viennent… Read More

L’homme rouge/The Red Man

As part of ‘The films of Jean-Louis’, an ongoing collaboration between Jean-Louis Vincendeau and Ollivier Moreels, recently a collaboration with Romaric Sobac was set up to film ‘L’homme rouge/The Red Man’. Text by Jean-Louis Vincendeau and images by Ollivier Moreels (featured image by Jean-Louis Vincendeau). See more here. You read flyers, catalogues, posters that sing aloud. Apollinaire, “Zone”, Alcools, 1913 The red man supporting Bayern Munich is there, he picks up and organises some dented objects while letting his thoughts wander. Premises of something never named, barefoot he quickly reflects with his ‘bric… Read More

Recent publications by Jean-Louis Vincendeau

On the occassion of the award of the Silver Lion to Haris Epaminonda at the Venice Biennial we are happy to publish the translation of a poetic text written by Jean-Louis Vincendeau, inspired by her installation VOL.XVI at Le Plateau, Paris in 2015 (French version).   It is also an occassion to point out two other recent publications by Vincendeau – « Blanche déese de la rivière Separa» in the wonderful magazine Fabulla and « Au bord du blanc», ‘Suis-moi’ in the Revue Sarrazine. Haris Epaminonda “Stelle”, the word “place” Haris Epaminonda, Untitled #04 a/w, 2016, VOL.XIXinstallation view… Read More