REMINDER – Hantu – Comme l’herbe pousse – opening at 5pm today

en français This afternoon at 5pm Hantu‘s exhibition ‘Comme l’herbe pousse’opens at the exhibition space 3, rue Française of Miss China via zoom. Hantu‘s latest works (photographs and drawings) are clearly a call to a rewilding. Objects that serve no purpose, that graft themselves onto the body to constrain it unnecessarily, photographs of performances that grow like these grasses, wise or foolish, insinuating themselves into the few spaces that we are still willing to leave them, the cracks, the gaps, the interstices, inviting us to nourish a ‘Saxifrage’ energy, to blow up… Read More

RAPPEL – Hantu – Comme l’herbe pousse – vernissage à 17h aujourd’hui

Cet après-midi à 17h, l’exposition de Hantu s’ouvre à l’espace d’exposition 3, rue Française de Miss Chine s’ouvre via le zoom. Les dernières œuvres (photographies et dessins) de Hantu sont clairement un appel à un ensauvagement. Des objets qui ne servent à rien, qui se greffent au corps pour le contraindre inutilement, des photographies de performances qui poussent comme ces herbes, sages ou folles, s’insinuant dans les quelques espaces que l’on veut bien encore leur laisser, les failles, les brèches, les interstices, nous invitant à nourrir une énergie saxifrage, pour faire sauter… Read More

Hantu – Comme l’herbe pousse – exposition à Paris, 11-17 novembre 2020

Avec un titre qui fait référence à Deleuze et Guattari et à l’importance « de penser au milieu et penser le milieu, (…) quitter la pensée-arbre avec ses hauts et ses bas, ses alphas et ses omégas, devenez un penseur-brin d’herbe qui pousse et pense ! »*, Hantu(Weber+Delsaux) présente leur travail sur les quatre niveaux de l’espace 3 Rue Française de Miss China. Penser le milieu devient aussi penser l’environnement. Il s’agit de sculptures végétales – des lits de germinations évoquant ceux qui servaient dans l’Egypte Ancienne à prouver que la vie se poursuivait après… Read More

Hantu – Comme l’herbe pousse – exhibition in Paris, 11-17 november 2020

en français With a title that refers to Deleuze and Guattari and to the importance of “thinking in the middle and thinking the middle, (…) leaving the tree-thinking with its ups and downs, its alphas and omegas, becoming a grass-thinker who grows and thinks! “, Hantu(Weber+Delsaux) present their work in ‘Comme l’herbe pousse’ on the four levels of the exhibition space 3 Rue Française of Miss China. Thinking about the middle here also becomes thinking about the environment. On show are plant sculptures – seedbeds reminiscent of those used in Ancient Egypt… Read More

Hantu – Masques en rade

Following the interview that took place last Saturday please find the 5 performances that Hantu reconstructed in a separate video here. The title Masques en rade or Masks in the harbour alludes to the triple wordplay of the performances taken place on their boat in the harbour of Paris, of being stranded, but obviolously also of masquerade. Should you be interested in the interview, please contact me via the contact form to ask for the link. Hantu – Performance n°2 : Mask Lavandin “in the pocket”, avril 2020

Meet Hantu – Saturday 4 April 5pm

On the occasion of the current online exhibition by Hantu, I will be interviewing the French duo on their work discussing amongst others the role of performance, collaboration and photography. The interview will be in French and English, interspersed with a series of mini performances by Hantu, showcasing new work. Please join us this Saturday 4 April at 5pm CET via Zoom. Contact me for the details via the contact form mentioning Hantu. Feel free to bring you own drinks 😉 Hantu, Mask to Stay in Touch, 2020

Expo #1 – Hantu

While I’ve always regarded this website as a virtual gallery, for a while I also wanted to dedicate a specific place to online exhibitions for affiliated artists. In Spring 2020 this idea got a very symbolic meaning. The order in which these exhibitions are made is relatively random, dependent on the order in which the artists responded to my call for propositions. They can also be seen as virtual exercises for physical exhibitions. The first exhibition is thus dedicated to the work of Hantu, a French duo consisting of Jean Delsaux and… Read More

Hantu – The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Garden

In these strange times we try to find new ways to stay in touch and exchange ideas. Just before the closing down of the university, Hantu presented the performance ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Garden’ at gallery Journiac, École des Arts de la Sorbonne, 47 Rue des Bergers, 75015 Paris. Photos by Marcela Moura. All that is, exists in the same world as us. “The man that mistook his wife for a garden” works to undermine which resists change within us, to develop in the collective imaginary new representations of… Read More

Arboretum Recovery – Hantu in Rio de Janeiro

Is there solidarity between plants and humans, or are we just predators? Today, referring to climate change, in many cases, the dangers seem real and diffuse, paralyzing and abstract. However, we inflict abuse on those in our society who are more fragile, in a manner comparable to the abuse we cause to trees and other plants. In some humans, this sad experience fuels the desire to communicate with plants in their environment. The performance Arboretum Recovery by Hantu (Weber+Delsaux) uses sprouted seeds to extend a part of their body. The artists evolve outward… Read More

Perce la terre – Hantu

Pierce the earth   (Original French text below) Performance performed by Hantu (Weber + Delsaux) during the study day Voice and Silence in the Arts University of Lorraine, Nancy 03 May 2019 16h15 The performance will be preceded by the workshop “Voice, Breath, Atmospheric Body” from 9 am to 12 pm with restitution at 3:45pm Small weather report of the body: spring performance. Hantu (weber + delsaux) likes to think that in changing seasons and in ancient sacred dances and songs, our bodies, sensitive to listening to invisible forces, exchange with plants,… Read More