Sunday END: BOLERO in Athens

Today we publish the last chapter of BOLERO’s archive in END before continuing with presenting the artists of the 10th anniversary edition in Rouen (2021). In 2017 the Bolero-project was a guest in the Eos Gallery in Athens, coinciding with Documenta 14. For that occasion all artists of the 13 shows that had taken part so far, were mentioned on the invitation. In Athens the following artists joined: BachliTzanakou (Irini Bachlitzanaki & Maria Tzanakou) (GR), Maria Ikonomopoulou (GR/NL), Despina Meimaroglou (GR), Els Vanden Meersch (BE), Bram Van Meervelde (BE), Myrto Xanthopoulou (GR) Find their… Read More

Sunday END: BOLERO in Geneva

Time flies and it’s Sunday again, time to join END and the Bolero-project in Geneva where it was shown in 2016 at the KIOSK at the Place des Augustins. There were five additons by Cci (anonymous collective), Gaëlle Dumas (FR), Roman Gampert(CH), Camille Kaiser (CH) and Peter Schreuder (CH). Find there contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Mindelo

Today’s Sundays END brings us to the Cape Verdian Islands where in 2015 the Bolero-project landed in the Ponte d’Praia Gallery in Mindelo. On that occasion three artists joined: Tchalé  Figueira and Gilardi Reis Fontes from the Cape Verdian Islands and Linda Vinck (BE) from Belgium. Find their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Ankara

It’s Sunday’s END again and today we revisit the BOLERO-project when in 2015 it was shown in Ankara in the art space Torun and Baskent University. On that occsion no less than 11 artists joined the project: Ece Akay, Onur Kutluoğlu, Seval Sener, Umut Şumnu, Mert Acar, Erin İlkcan Aslan, Mert Batırbaygil, İpek Cınar and Gözde Çökl from Turkey as well as the Dutch artists Jerome and Roeki Symons. Find their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Genk, Belgium

Today Sunday’s END brings the BOLERO-project back to its country of origin and the city of Genk. In 2012 it was part of the parallel projects of Manifesta 9 and was shown in the TVL café/library. For that occasion five more artists joined: Mulugeta Gebrikan, Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir, Maryam Najd, Aimé Ntakiyika and Jakub Rehak. You can find their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Beijing

This Sunday’s END brings the BOLERO-project to China where it was shown in 2012 at Gallery RIVELLI 798, Chaoyang Dst in Beijing. On this occasion five artists joined the ranks: the Congolese Dolet Malalu and Mega Mingiedi, as well as the Chinese Feng JianHua, Jin Zhang and Nie Ming. Find their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Dortmund

For this Sunday’s issue of Empirical Nonsense Daily, the BOLERO project returns to Europe when it was shown in Galerie Voss in Dortmund. For that occassion the artists Horst LINN, Jobst TILMANN and Elly VALK-VERHEIJEN joined. See their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Bangalore (India)

Today’s issue of Empirical Nonsense Daily (END) reports about BOLERO’s visit to Bangalore in 2011. There it was shown at 1 Shantiroad studio/gallery while artists Siddharta DAS & Catherine MACLEAN, Sofie HAESAERTS, Suresh JAYARAM, Ravi SHAH, Uday SHANBAG and Chinnan VINOD. Uday SHANBAG and Sofie HAESAERTS curated the project on this occassion. Find their contributions here.  

Sunday END: BOLERO in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

In this Sunday’s Empirical Nonsense Daily (END) we revisit another halting place of the BOLERO-project in 2010: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where it was shown in Zero Station, A House for Creativity. The invitation showed as usual the front page of a newspaper from the country it had visited just before, in this case the South African Rapport. To the growing group of participants were added Truong Cong Tung, Nguyen Thanh Truc and Vo Thi Tran Chau. Find their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Dar es Salaam

While our plans to show a new addition BOLERO in Marseille are hampered by the COVID-crisis, we continue to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the ongoing publications in the Empirical Nonsense Daily (END). Today we visit Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where the project was shown in the Alliance Française in 2010. The image for the invite was the front page of an Ethiopian newspaper Work by the Tanzanian artists Ras Agon, Yves Goscinny and Gadi S. Ramadhani was added to the slowly growing collection. Find the publication with their art works here.