Alexandra Dementieva in Hybris – Monsters and Hybrids in Contemporary Art

Coinciding with the Venice Biennial Alexandra Dementieva will take part in the group exhibition Hybris – Monsters and Hybrids in Contemporary art, organised by MediaArtLab CYLAND. The project in the exhibition halls of the library at Ca’ Foscari University, will showcase works of 19 artists from Italy, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and the US. The project’s theme contemplates one of the mechanisms underlying the functioning of culture – the connection of the unconnectable, the problem of the relations between “one’s own” and “someone else’s”, the blurring of the borders between well-established… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva at 10 years anniversary of Cyfest in St Petersburg

  Work by Alexandra Dementieva can currently be seen at the 10 years anniversary of Cyfest in St Petersburg. Dementieva shows her impressive video installation ‘The Unbearable Lightness’ (2009) as part of the exhibition `Interpretations’. From the press release: In her grand-scale creations, Alexandra Dementieva works extensively and fruitfully with the theme of interactivity. Her impressive stained-glass window-installation “The Unbearable Lightness” plays with the contemporary person’s notions of a miracle. In the Belgian artist’s interpretation, a change in the classical world perception takes place inconspicuously and gradually, but its nature is drastic. The… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva curates Urbi et Orbi

 Danae, installation by Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov In association with the Museum Center of RGGU CYLAND MediaArtLab organizes a special international project at the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Held from September 18 through October 18, 2015 Urbi et Orbi (To the City and the World…) exhibition presents the works of Russian and South Korean artists. The Russian part of Urbi et Orbi project is curated by Annushka Brochet, Nataliya Kamenetskaya, and CYLAND artists Alexandra Dementieva and Anna Frants. The exhibition will feature works made in CYLAND MediaArtLab by Ludmila… Read More

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA at FILE São Paulo 2015

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA takes part in FILE São Paulo 2015, the Electronic Language International Festival from 16 June until 16 August, with the installation ‘Breathless’. A computer searches for all words related to the concept of fear and desire in the RSS and web feed. Each word found is printed on a LED display. The individual ribs surrounding the viewer in the two parts of the installation react to the data, lighting up in a movement from bottom to top as results render matches with the alternating words. The more hits, the more light is cast… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva about ‘Mirror’s Memory’ in BBC’s ‘Click’

In this episode of the BBC radio programme Click Alexandra DEMENTIEVA, talks with Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson about her artwork Mirror’s Memory. In this installation she explores the link between representation and memory as mediated by new technology.  Visitors are invited to experience a reflected self at the will of a machine. Listen to the interview here. The installation is part of the group show On My Way that runs in Venice until 5th July. More info:  

Alexandra Dementieva

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA takes part in the group exhibition On My Way in Venice with her interactive video installation ‘Mirror’s Memory’ (2003). This installation explores the link between representation and memory as mediated by new technology inviting viewers to experience a reflected self at the will of a machine. As a visual representation of the self, the screen presents itself to the viewer as a mirror of sorts, yet the relationship between the viewer and the mirror self is forever mediated by the computer that stands between the individual and her image. As the viewer steps toward the… Read More

Dementieva, Quix, Blow

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA Another busy weekend for some BUREAU DOOVE artists! Alexandra DEMENTIEVA is showing a short film during the film festival Rencontres (cinematographiqes) au sommet (1531m), in Verbier, Switzerland on Friday 1 May at 2pm. Find more info here. Also from 1 May she will be showing a short movie during First Light, an Ottica TV Project for the International Year of Light 2015, which runs until 31 December. More info. Stefaan QUIX will present his film installation ‘Licht und Blindheit’ for the second weekend during Sounding City, the international sound art festival currently taking place in… Read More