LASER Talks Brussels – Out-of-control-ness and the emergence of possibilities

The fourth edition of LASER Talks Brussels will take place on Tuesday 7 December at 7pm CET at iMAL – Center for Digital Cultures in Brussels with panelists Francis Brazier, Joost Rekveld and Frank Theys. The recorded talk is available here. LASER Talks Brussels are chaired by Alexandra Dementieva, moderated by Edith Doove and hosted by iMAL. This talk discusses notions of out-of-control ness in a social and technical context that are at the core of the work of the three panelists: Prof. Dr. Frances BRAZIER who is a full professor in Engineering Systems Foundations at the Delft University… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva at Ferment

Cyfest-14: Ferment examines the theme of fermentation through the dual lenses of art and ecology. Through art installations, workshops and talks, it will explore the metamorphoses that fermentation represents. Ferment is a collaboration with Cyfest, the biggest digital art festival in Eastern Europe, formed by Cyland, a Russian artists’ collective. The festival began in St Petersburg in 2007 and explores new forms of art and high technology interactions, exposing audiences to works in the field of robotics, video art, sound art and net art. Alexandra Dementieva will take part in the festival… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in a galaxy, far, far away…

The starry skies are maybe more than ever the subject of dreams about long distance travel and new encounters. One way of dealing with this is the recently launched Art Spaceship by V-Art. Because although there were recently attempts to declare art as non-essential, it’s clear that it has an important role to play in thinking about and developing the future. Jules Verne or George Méliès are of course great pioneering examples of the important art of science fiction. Today Alexandra Dementieva is one of 21 artists leading the way. Selected by… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in Chaos & Cosmos BXL

‘Chaos & Cosmos BXL’ is a showcase at iMAL that brings together three prototypes of interactive installations from Brussels based artists. George van Dam & Various Artists, Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans and Alexandra Dementieva – in collaboration with Yacine Sebti – were invited to produce new works for the media art festival CYFEST-13 that takes place in Saint Petersburg, Russia in November 2021. Alexandra Dementieva presents Inland Wonderland, an interactive object that deals with the concepts of chaos and order. Our universe obeys to the logic of four interactions – gravitational, electromagnetic, strong,… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in LASER Talks CYLAND Saint-Petersburg

Join Alexandra Dementieva Saturday 10 April for the LASER Talks CYLAND Saint-Petersburg on the theme of Space Exploration. The motto for this talk is Konstantin Tsiolkovky‘s remark “All the universe is full of the lives of perfect creatures.” Apart from Dementieva the other panelists are Oleysya Turkina, Andrey Bartenev and Matthew Lee. The moderator is Natalia Kolodzei. Saturday 10 April Register here to attend the talk. Olesya Turkina is a senior researcher at the Russian Museum and an associate professor at St. Petersburg State University. She has been a full member of… Read More

BUREAU DOOVE in END – Loving Care and Troupe/troep

For our last publication in Empirical Nonsense Daily of this week, we present two other recent projects. Apart from BOLERO 2021 that’s still on show until 10 April in the Centre André-Malraux and in the streets of Rouen, we organized Loving Care with the large-scale paintings of Pierre Mertens in De Blikfabriek in Antwerp last September-October. And end of January there was the group show Troupe/Troep at ChezKit. Find the page dedicated to these two projects here.

Alexandra Dementieva in LASER Talk on Cosmos and Chaos

Join an online conversation of the contributors of February’s upcoming special English-Russian special issue of Leonardo journal, “COSMOS and CHAOS,” created in collaboration with CYFEST international media art festival. Alexandra Dementieva will be one of the participants. This conversation will bring together artists, scientists, researchers and art historians from art institutions, associations, museums and universities across the world: IAA SETI Permanent Committee, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Arizona State University School of Earth and Space, Concordia University, CYLAND MediaArtLab, Kolodzei Art Foundation, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg State University,… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in Chlorophilia

For the group exhibition Chlorophilia, that looks into the relation between light and the vegetational, Alexandra Dementieva focusses on a plant and a species that are omnipresent: moss and the tardigrade also called moss piglet. Since they have survived all mass extinctions chances are that they will be around forever. Moss and its piglet is a video diptych inspired by their eternity, in which Dementieva shows microscopic images of moss in the process of being saturated with water and a tardigrade searching for moss. Moss and its piglet, Alexandra Dementieva. Video diptych,… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva at Laser Talks

  On Saturday 12 September Alexandra Dementieva takes part in the launch by Leonardo/ISAST and the CYLAND MediaArtLab of Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous St Petersburg in conjunction with the CYFEST 13 Festival theme Chaos and Cosmos. With as its subjectThe Cosmos above us and the touchscreen in front of us, this LASER will present “out of this world” artists and scientists as a preview to the upcoming festival and the Leonardo journal on Space Arts in English and Russian. Participants of this discussion are artists whose interest is addressed to the Cosmos,… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in Empirical Nonsense Daily

In today’s edition of the Empirical Nonsense Daily (END) we’re excited to present the latest work by Alexandra Dementieva, A capella singing (we are never alone). Dementieva is mainly interested in social psychology and perception and their application in multimedia interactive installations. During lockdown she saw herself confronted with lots of time and isolation which led her to develop this tongue-in-cheek series of four short videos. In these she creates several doppelgangers to explore the possibilities of creating rhythm, maybe a melody and train her memory. In addition Dementieva also created the… Read More