Leonardo Reviews: Duchamp and Jean De Groote

In this month’s Leonardo Reviews I write about Jacquelyn Baas’s brilliant book on Duchamp and the more than probable influence of tantric practices on his work and thinking. Robbert Maddox-Harle reviewed Jean De Groote’s book to which I contributed a small text. You can find both here.

Baas      In de stilte der dingen-cover

2 Comments on “Leonardo Reviews: Duchamp and Jean De Groote

  1. Hi Edith,

    Thanks for posting the two reviews on bureaudoove, cover images are excellent. We should have these with each Leonardo review too, but MIT and America’s new copyright law for images is so “sick” as to not allow this easily!

    Like your review of Duchamp also.

    Jean enjoyed my review, he emailed me.

    Best wishes, Rob

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