Kerminy opens 27 August 2020

Congratulations to Marina Pirot & Dominique Leroy, the driving forces behind Kerminy: after a wonderfull summer in which many people helped to repair the site, create permaculture installations and the big garden, KERMINY is ready to open. This new place for research residencies around agriculture and art is situated in the west of France, in Rosporden near South Finistère.

For the official opening on 27 August there will be local specialities like beers, ciders & DJ TUPUNA for a ker-electro-opening night ! The festivities will take place outside to respect the required distances. Several visits and walks are organised throughout the day.
You’re asked to bring your ecocups, mattresses and dishes to share!

As a member Bureau Doove is very sorry not being able to be present for the opening due to cirmcumstances but we hope to organise workshops and other activities soon. So subscribe to the Kerminy-NEWSLETTER to keep up to date and join the Kerminy associations via their website.

For more info, contact

Lieu-dit Kerminy, F-29140 Rosporden
Phone : 0033(0)624634103

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