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Kerminy is a new independently-funded residency, situated in Rosporden, in the west of France, between Quimper, Concarneau and Pont Aven (South-Finistère Sud).

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Kerminy – Poulpidou art centre, December 2020

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Set up by amongst others Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot of the artist collective (n), the center will provide opportunities for artists to work in relation to the local territory and with an international network of artistic exchanges. It’s run by artists, visiting (international) practitioners and permanent non-profit organizations. Kerminy works autonomous and explores new possibilities for working practices.

Around its manor house, its outbuildings, and the 12 hectares of meadows and woods, Kerminy develops ongoing discursive individual and collective autonomous practices, producing knowledge and exchanges in an experimental way.

Via the non-profit organization OPEN, Kerminy welcomes in its manor professional and semi-professional artists (both individuals and collectives), students and researchers working in the field of art, agriculture, media, architecture, landscape, ecosomatic practices, ecology and nature. Each individual or collective autonomously organizes their residence, lasting from one day/night or up to one month (and renewable depending on the project), to work, think, learn, share and exchange.

As a member Bureau Doove looks forward to organise workshops and other activities in collaboration with Kerminy in 2021.

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