Anna Walker – Breathe Wind Into Me

The new year starts promising with a new installation by Anna Walker at Fabrica in Brighton, UK.


Walker uses her Making Space opportunity at Fabrica to test out a new three-part audiovisual work, Breathe Wind Into Me, she is developing for future exhibition. The work has emerged from her recently concluded PhD research which investigated the meeting place of trauma and memory and the notion of intergenerational trauma: what gets passed on down through the generations.

She will be presenting Chapter 1: The Breath, which uses film, sound and text at Fabrica. Throughout the week she will be on hand to experiment and evaluate how the different elements of the piece work together with the space, and with an audience. To help this process Anna is inviting anyone who is interested in the subject and process of developing this piece to take part in a participatory discussion on the work. This session will be recorded and used as part of Chapter 2: The Word.


Wednesday 16 January, 10am – 3pm
& Thursday 17 January, 12pm – 5:30pm
DISCUSSION: Thursday 17 January, 6 – 7pm

unnamed (1)


Anna Walker is a multi-disciplinary arts-practitioner. Her PhD, (completed May 2017), was an exploration of the tension between remembering and forgetting when recalling a traumatic event, in this instance 9/11. She employed an autoethnographic approach to remembering trauma, and ‘methodological abundance’ (Hannula, 2009) to explore the transference of traumatic affect upon an audience. Over the last 4-years she has published 8 papers on the affects of trauma on individual and collective systems, shared her research at 9 conferences and exhibited her research on 12 occasions. She is an advocate of arts-practice research as a generator of new forms of experiential knowledge that moves beyond the linguistic. She was recently selected out of 400 applicants to be part of ‘Empty Pro(e)mises’, curated by the Director of EMST Katerina Koskina and Dr. Lanfranco Aceti. With a background in body and integrative psychotherapy, she is also renowned for her expertise on trauma, speaking most recently on a panel discussion at The British Library to address ‘Let’s talk about the Windrush’ (15-09-2018) and selected from numerous applicants to be part of Impact18—Matter in Movement (November 2018) to explore digital solutions and artistic possibilities for current global issues of war, violence and trauma.

Currently Anna Walker’s research focuses on collective and intergenerational trauma and traumatic diasporas, i.e. the traumatic pathways created by migration/immigration. It is an endeavour to track the dispersal of historical and cultural fragments of traumatic diasporas, building upon Lisa Blackman’s ‘brain-body-world entanglements’ (2012) and upon what Jeffrey C. Alexander regards as a neglected domain of social responsibility and political action (2016, p.3). At this early stage the research is one of enquiry and discovery: a thinking through making, staying open to the emergent properties of the intra-psychic as well as the intersubjective. The outcome of this research— a moving imagery and sound installation, will be exhibited as work in progress at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, in January 2019, and at The Lotus Foundation, London, in March 2019.

Fabrica is a visual arts organisation based in a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton, which commissions contemporary visual art installations specific to the building.

Fabrica is a place where artists come to make new work. Fabrica supports and encourages the artists with whom it works to be adventurous and to test the boundaries of their practice. It encourages an open dialogue between artists and visitors within the gallery space and produces an integrated programme of education and audience development activity that strives to remove barriers to access, engagement and understanding.

40 Duke Street, Brighton, UK, BN1 1AG | +44 (0) 1273 778 646 |

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